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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions concerning the proposed transfer of Punkin Water Association, Inc.’s Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to the City of Oxford and the Dissolution of Punkin Water Association, Inc.



Why are we pursuing the transfer of the ownership of Punkin Water to the City of Oxford?

To provide Members the lowest cost of higher quality water. Drilling new wells and adding filtration to (potentially) correct the iron and manganese in our water is much more costly that getting water supplied from Oxford’s cleaner and more abundant water source.

How do I approve this deal?

You yourself must vote or provide your proxy to someone to vote for you at the scheduled Special Meeting on February 22, at 6:00P.M. at the Lafayette County Chancery Clerk’s Office, 300 North Lamar. Your last proxy was to vote for Board Members and cannot be used for this meeting.  Approval of the transfer of Punkin Water to the City of Oxford requires a quorum for the meeting of 20% (224) of the members either in person or represented by proxy, and 67% (150 members) approval from the members present.

What happens after the vote, if approved:

The city, after a 60-day due diligence period, will begin a 6-month project to build a pipeline to connect to Punkin Water. When completed, all water will be supplied by the city and existing wells will be turned off. All water for Punkin customers will come from Oxford water. Each member will become a customer of the City of Oxford and they will provide all water service and billing. The Punkin Water Association will be dissolved and no longer exist.

Will the city water be mixed in with Punkin Water or use water from our aquifer?

No, the city will supply water to fill the Punkin storage tank from a different aquifer. The water will not be mixed. Punkin existing wells will be turned off and capped.

Why is Oxford water a better solution? 

Oxford water is from a different aquifer that is ¼ as deep as PWA, meaning cleaner water.  They also have an abundant supply.  Oxford water does not have the significant issues with Iron and Manganese that PWA’s wells have.  PWA will always have a high cost to filter these elements out of the water, and any improvement to current filters will incur significant expenditures and time. Because of the cleaner water from Oxford, Customer Service issues should decrease substantially.

Will my rates go up?

If PWA or a For-Profit company operates the Association, rates will go up significantly from the addition of operational staff, the drilling of new wells, and to purchase additional and improved filtration.  With the City of Oxford solution rates will be less that is currently being charged.  The PSC has limited rates to be charged by Oxford to no more than 2 times the in-city rates. Those maximum rates are less than a member pays today. Those rates also include the cost of building the connection to the city.  Rates will also have to be approved by the PSC.

Does the transfer include Deer Run?

Yes, all of the Punkin Water Franchise area will be included in the transfer.

 To download a PDF of the FAQs, please click here.

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