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Welcome to the Punkin Water Association

We are pleased to serve 1,100+ customers in the mid-eastern part of Lafayette County, Mississippi (see map of service area below). On our website you will find general information, various forms, contact information, and billing information. Contact number for PWA is (662) 832-5946.

November Annual Meeting Briefing

The November Board meeting took place 11/20 to coincide with the Annual Meeting. Briefing from meeting can be found here

PWA Transfer to Oxford Update

Feb 19, 2024

PWA is expected to transition its water source and franchise to Oxford by early Summer.


After construction of connection pipelines and a pumping station, ALL members of PWA will be transition to Oxford water and be Oxford customers.


PWA will begin the process to dissolve the Corporation and it will cease to exist.


After the Transition, the existing wells will be closed and all of the equipment except for the big tank will be removed. The big tank is required to provide consistent pressure for each house in the Association.


More details will be forthcoming on the regulatory meetings and member transitions plans as we approach the final transition.


Click here for an update on the construction projects, managed by Oxford, that are required to move PWA to Oxford’s Water and Service.


As a reminder, key elements of the plan are:

1. Install new electronic read only meters-complete
2. Build pipelines to connect Oxford to PWA to provide City Water – Contract Complete by
3. Construct a pumping station on Hwy 6 to keep the PWA tank full -Contact complete by

To read about previous updates, click here

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